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What I'm reading: February and March reading roundup

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Reading brings me joy. I love listening to books while I work and I love settling down on my couch to enjoy reading at the end of the day. Some of these books made me laugh, some made me cry and others just taught me new things.

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10 Feel Good Books to Stay in With

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10 books that bring joy and peace
I've been thinking about what I can do to help bring a little joy and peace in this unprecedented time. Books are definitely something that brings me joy.
One of my favorite yoga teachers Kathryn Budig started a virtual bookclub called The Inky Phoenix and she had the idea for people to share some of their favorite feel good books to bring us comfort while we're hunkered down in our homes away from our friends and family.

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2019 Reading Roundup

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November reading roundup

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gathering moss by robin wall kimmerer
This was definitely my favorite book I read this month. I loved her book Braiding Sweetgrass so I added this book to my to read list. I never would have thought to add a book about mosses to that list before I read Robin Wall Kimmerer's work. If you like audiobooks I definitely recommend listening to this. Her voice has a beautiful storyteller quality to it and it makes you appreciate the lesson of mosses and the natural world around us so much more. You do not need to have an interest in bryology to appreciate this book. We can all learn a lot from mosses and their relationship with nature. They take only what they need and give us so much. Her work makes me want to learn more about plants so that I can name more of what I see when I am out in nature.

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Summer reading roundup

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