My monthly reading recap for June.

I kicked off my summer reading with these three books this month. Dan Siegel's "The Neurobiology of We" was fascinating. I love thinking about to how we really are all connected and to think about how modern technology has done some amazing things but has also isolated lots of people. The science of the brain and how it processes memories, trauma and connection is so interesting. I was surprised to learn how new so much of this science is and how not long ago no one understood PTSD and trauma at all. 

The reality that a person could be born a crime has me immediately interested in reading Trevor Noah's book when it came out. Apparently his story is going to be made in to a movie staring Lupita Nyong'o. So you can always wait and see the movie. But I really enjoyed this book and learning about his story and how comedy and his ability to speak so lots of languages got him out of quite a lot of trouble. The insight in to racism and culture from someone who was born during apartheid and grew up in South Africa made for a really interesting read.

I've been picking out a lot of books like this because of the times we are living in. It sound so simple to say that all we need is love. But I really believe that if we all acted from a place of real love for each other and this planet we could make the world a better place. Sharon's book is a wonderful read. By challenging some of the myths about love that we've grown up with she wants us all get back to connection. There are guided meditations that are great to listen to in the audio version of this book. One of my favorite mediation practices is the loving kindness meditation from buddhism and she shares this in her book. You can also find them online in videos if you read the paperback copy of this book. 

That's it for now! But if you're reading anything great this summer please comment and let me know. 


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