My monthly reading recap for May

The Goldfinch was recommended to me by a friend and while I really did enjoy it, I wish I had chosen to read the physical book instead of listening to it on audiobook. I didn't realize it was over 700 pages so I just got tired of listening to the narrator's voice. The story itself though was very interesting and I really enjoyed following along with the twists and turns of Theo's life and liked the fine art and antique furniture restoration details.

This book was chosen by my bookclub and it really was disappointing to us all. It felt like there was so much potential for creating the post doom world and character and plot development that just never materialized. It felt empty and everything was tied up too neatly. The beginning of the book seemed really promising but then it just fell off. It was a quick read, and I am glad I chose to read the physical book and not listen to the audio book. Some of the people in my book club listened to it and said they didn't love the narrator.

I've been enjoying reading more poetry again and thought I would give this Mary Oliver collection a try. There were a few standouts, but overall I like her older work, so I'm putting a few of those on my to read list. Her writing is a wonderful reminder to get out in nature or just look around you, look up at the sky, listen to the birds and feel inspired and and grateful to be alive.

I mostly listened to this book in the car and really enjoyed his narration. I think I would like to reread the physical book to think about some of the things he talked about more in depth. But this was a fun book on astrophysics that I think anyone could enjoy. 

These are the four books I read or listened to in the month of May. I would love to hear in the comments if you read any of these and liked or disliked them. Or tell me a book you read recently that you absolutely loved and would recommend. 

For June I've started reading Real Love by Sharon Salzberg and The Neurobiology of We by Dan Siegel is my book club choice for this month.


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