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Artful - Santa Monica
Beautiful Day - Ventura
Blue Moon - Garden Grove
Co-op 28 - Los Feliz
Dustmuffin - Silverlake
Firefly - Paso Robles
Kindred Spirit - Ojai
La-Di-Da - Vista
Ocean Heir - Cambria
P2 -Pacific Palisades
Pergolina - Toluca Lake
Picket Fences - Solvang
Queen Mary Couture - Long Beach
Soulscape - Encinitas
Swag - Studio City
Wonder - Santa Barbara
Cottage Garden - Glendale
Frances - Phoenix
Zonies Galleria - Sedona
New Mexico
The Lodge at Cloudcraft - Cloudcraft
Ju-Bee-Lee - Bend
The Hotel Paisano Gifts - Marfa
My line is also rep'd by Shirley DeMarco and if you're located in Southern California or Arizona I would be happy to put you in touch with her to make an appointment.
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