Growing up on the rugged coast of Maine taught me to cherish the immense power and beauty of nature. After my first metalsmithing class in 2001, that love took shape in my hands. I started Amanda K Lockrow jewelry shortly after graduating with a BFA in metalsmithing from Syracuse University.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles using mostly recycled metals. My signature hammered textures, my knowledge of stones, my craftsmanship, and my love of the details create jewelry I hope my customers will wear to support their bold, beautiful lives.

I hope my jewelry will be worn along on lots of adventures big and small.

From an early age, I was drawn to spirituality, meditation, and yoga. Now I'm putting that passion into practice. I am a level 2 reiki practitioner, meditation & tapping teacher and emotion hygiene facilitator.

After I fell in love with metalsmithing I discovered that one of my ancestor's was a sword maker in Japan in the early 1500's. Someday I hope to visit Japan to learn more about these ancient techniques.


Brand Values
I am always working to make my footprint on this planet gentler in my own life and my business. 
What this means for AKL:
  • choosing packaging that is reused, recycled, compostable and more earth friendly. If your package comes with bubble wrap it is reused and I encourage you to reuse it again.¬†
  • working with recycled metals as much as possible and working with suppliers who are working to make their processes as eco friendly and sustainable as possible
  • keeping production handmade, local and American made. By choosing to create in small batches I create less waste and support the local economy.
  • more responsible sourcing of stones as I continue to learn more. Valuing relationships with our suppliers, cutters and miners. Many of whom I have worked with for over 15 years.
  • using post-consumer recycled diamonds, they've been repurposed from vintage jewelry. I also use ethically sourced diamonds.
  • AKL will continue to strive to be more and more earth friendly as I learn more.
I believe in giving back and have chosen these charities and a few more to donate to. There are so many charities I support and love, but for AKL I chose ones that focus on the environment, mental health and equity for all. I also donate to local school and charity auctions regularly.