This month's birthstone is Diamond: a symbol of great strength

This month's birthstone is Diamond: a symbol of great strength

14k yellow gold diamond strength stacking ring

This month’s birthstone is the strongest crystal out there made by the magic of mother earth. For so many years I dismissed diamonds and thought they were overrated in their appeal. Then I found rosecut diamonds. I fell in love and got curious about how they are created and their meaning. Now I like to wear a tiny diamond as a reminder of strength.⠀
14K gold rosecut diamond oriana necklace

14k yellow gold and rosecut diamond oriana necklace

The natural process of making a diamond can take millions of years to 1 billion years or more. The famous Hope Diamond is at least a billion years old! That alone is a miracle. But because it takes so long to create them and they form under such immense pressure they are indestructible. They form about 100 miles under the earth’s surface then are brought to the surface by a deep seated volcanic eruption. There’s more to the science, but just the time, pressure and heat that it takes to create this stone can teach us so many lessons. ⠀

14k rosecut hexagon diamond necklace14k gold grey diamond hexagon necklace

When I found this grey rosecut diamond in a hexagon shape above I just couldn’t resist it. Of all the geometric shapes in sacred geometry it is arguably the most powerful, but also completely balanced. It is found in spiritual symbols like the Star of David, The Tree of Life and the Hagal Rune. It is also found in nature in beehives, snowflakes, on a enduring cloud formation on Saturn’s North Pole, at Devils Postpile, the Giant’s Causeway and more. This sacred shape can remind us how to find both strength and balance. ⠀

I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect crystal for this month if I had tried. Next time you put on a piece of diamond jewelry let it remind you of your strength and ability to go through the fire. ⠀

14k yellow gold rosecut diamond studs14k gold rosecut yellow diamond stud earrings

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rosecut diamond picture

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