Four more lists of my some of my favorites

Four more lists of my some of my favorites
I feel so lucky to have been introduced to meditation through Buddhism as a young teenager. My meditation practice is helping me so much right now. I've shared my favorite meditation teachers with lots of friends and family over the years. So I thought now would be a good time to make a list. There are lots of apps already out there, I always recommend Insight Timer and the Unplug app, but I've heard Headspace is great too. All of the teachers on the list have great resources on their sites. Many are going live on facebook, instagram and zoom offering free content as well as paid. I will save all of these in a highlight on instagram too so you can follow the tags easily. I would love to hear if you have any favorite meditations or teachers to share.
yoga studios and teachers I love
Next up are yoga studios and teachers that I've practiced with over the years. Yoga is something I also found as a teenager and I've practiced all of the different styles over the years. Some days I crave a yummy yin class and other days I want more of a vinyasa flow. These teachers and studios all have lots of content online as well. Many are offering free and donation based options. There are lots of other ways to move your body of course, so if yoga isn't your thing please share your favorite dance, boxing, hiit teachers.
artists and makers I love
This list could have gone on forever! I have been so lucky to meet so many talented artists through trade shows and craft shows. This list includes lots of my jewelry friends but also ceramics, crystals, incense, candles, cards, home goods, and fine art. Please check out their work and support your local artists however you can.
boutiques I love
This list is all brick and mortar stores that have carried my jewelry over the years. They have also been the place where I have found so many gifts over the years for my loved ones. Some of these shops have online shopping but also are offering video shopping and curbside pickup, if you do have anything you can get from a small shop instead of Amazon I encourage you to support your neighborhood shops however you can.
So many of these studios, boutiques, teachers and artists have lost all of their income suddenly, so if you do have extra money please support them if you can. 

May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you live with ease and happiness.

Sending out the biggest virtual hug to you all.

Love, Amanda


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