This month's birthstone is Aquamarine

This month's birthstone is Aquamarine
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History records its first use in Greece between 300 and 500 B.C. Its name is derived from the Latin meaning "water of the sea". Aquamarine has been mined in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa and the United States.

In ancient lore Aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids, and it was used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. It was also valued as a stone of eternal youth and happiness. It is a water element stone which gives it a calming energy like a refreshing shower under a waterfall. It is a throat and heart chakra stone that can help with clear communication of your highest truth.

Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment for anyone who wears it. I'll be sharing a few new limited editions gemmy aquamarine pieces this month.


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