Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
The water of her womb, your first home
The body she pulled apart to welcome you to the world.
The spirit in you she helped grow with all she knew.
The heart that she gave you when yours fell apart.
You are her soft miracle.
So she gave you her eyes to see the best in the worst.
You carry your mother in your eyes.
Make her proud of all she watches you do.
— Nikita Gill

Why Is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, and mother-figures in our lives. It's a day to celebrate the women who raised us and the women who continue to raise us by being role models and examples of what it means to be human.

It's also a celebration of all the female relationships in our lives that are meaningful. Maybe it's a day to celebrate the women who have mentored us, or cheered us on, or empowered us. Because—let's be honest—it takes more than one person to help build a person up. It takes mothers, sisters, and best friends, and sometimes even strangers who turn out to be really important people when you least expect it.

We want this Mother's Day to be about all that. So don't forget about your mom, but also think about all the other women in your life that make it feel like home. We've put together our favorite pieces from this Mother's Day collection so that you can celebrate them all! Each piece is lovingly handcrafted from materials made to last like 14k gold, sterling silver, and responsibly sourced stones. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces and more, this collection has everything they need to feel like celebrated on Mother's Day.

Need Custom Pieces?

We've curated some of our best pieces that are perfect for moms—but we know there's always something extra special about giving a gift with a personal touch. 

That's why we've built our Mother's Day collection with customization in mind. Because all of these pieces are made to order, you can customize them to your heart's content. Choose a different length or size, add birthstones, or even add an engraved message—the possibilities are endless! Just send us a message to make the piece just right.


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