Let's chat about this month's birthstone - ruby.

Let's chat about this month's birthstone - ruby.

Even though my birthday is in July it wasn't until a few years ago that I started to like wearing and working with ruby. I found beautiful star rubies and ruby zoisite to work with and add to my collection. 

You can wear ruby to inspire passion, creativity and determination. Ruby ranges in color from light pink to deep magenta red. It has been a highly prized gemstone of royalty, longevity and beauty for thousands of years. It is a corundum like sapphire making it the hardest mineral next to diamond. 

Ruby strengthens the heart and opens the root so we can ground love in our lives. It gives us courage, passion, and determination. It can support us in recovery from emotional traumas, lifting us out of negativity to love our selves more fully and restoring confidence in our path forward. Ruby encourages us to bring in a more creative zest for life and strengthens our resolve, helping us manifest goals. It is especially helpful in attracting prosperity and stability in finances.

This crystal info is from Connecting with Crystals by Laurelle Rethke.

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