A love meditation

A love meditation
I recorded a new meditation to share a little extra love with you all today. You can click the mediations link below and try it out if you want to. ⁠

If you do try it I would love to hear how you liked it. If you like music with your meditations just play one of your favorite meditation tracks in the background or send me a dm for some of my favorites. ⁠

I talk a little about the science of love and if you're curious and want to read more I can recommend Barbara Fredrickson's books Love 2.0 and Positivity. When we think of love as positivity resonance we can see how all the little moments in our days really add up. I know things are different with Covid for so many of us but we can try to create moments with the cashier, the customer service rep on the phone, on our zoom calls and with our family, friends and neighbors. I truly believe that the love we put out in to world comes back to us so many times over. ⁠

Love as an offering from Thich Nhat Hanh⁠
"To love is not to possess the other person or to consume all of their attention and love. To love is to offer the other person joy and a balm for their suffering. This capacity is what we have to learn to cultivate."⁠

Sending you out a little extra love today if you could use it.


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