A hope meditation and jewelry to inspire a little extra hope

A hope meditation and jewelry to inspire a little extra hope
I've been trying to figure out a nice way to tie together my meditation recordings with my jewelry and decided to share some of the crystal jewelry that has the same feeling as the meditation. That way if you could use a little wearable reminder this will be a good starting place. 
Moonstone and aventurine are two of my favorite stones that evoke hope. 
Moonstone is my number one stone I recommend for anyone looking to feel a little more hope. It is a stone of new beginnings and is filled with feminine energy. It carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing. It soothes and heals the emotions helping to restore hope and optimism. 
Aventurine is a heart charka stone but for me it has a hopeful energy. It can help you open your heart to others and increase your trust in life. It can help you move with confidence in to new situations and relationships. It promotes forgiveness, release and acceptance as well as love.
There’s a quote from Desmond Tutu “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” that is a great reminder about what hope can do for us.
I recently completed a trauma informed meditation training through the Emotion Hygiene Alliance and recorded a few meditations to share with you. I am new to this so please feel free to give me feedback. Meditation has been a part of my own practice since I was a teenager and I began studying buddhism. I've tried all sorts of different types and teachers, and I always encourage anyone trying it for the first time to do the same. Just as in anything certain teachers and styles might not be for you it's the same with meditation. I can't tell you the number of things if I hadn't sought out different teachers from my first experiences I would have never learned. The first tapping (EFT) class I ever went to literally had me wanting to run out of the room because she wanted us to explore one of our deepest hurts or traumas. I mean can you imagine? This year I'm completing my own tapping teacher training because I love the practice so much. I've been to countless yoga classes where I've had to modify multiple poses to listen to my body that day. If you ever want recommendations for meditation or yoga teachers please don't hesitate to send me a message, I'd be so happy to send you some of my favorites from over the years.

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