Herkimer diamond 3 stone elements gold filled adjustable chain bracelet

$ 42.00

This dainty bracelet is one that I wear daily myself. It's so simple and delicate and a style you can wear all the time.

It has 3 little herkimer diamond beads wrapped into a gold filled chain.

It is adjustable and you can pick a size from the options on the right.
Choose 5 inches for 5-6 inches
Choose 6 inches for 6-7 inches (standard)
Choose 7 inches for 7-8 inches

It is also available in sterling silver.

Herkimer diamond promotes dream recall. It can help access past life recall. It helps gently release, transform and help bring out your soul's purpose. It is a high vibration stone.

This listing is for one bracelet. It will ship in a gift box through USPS.

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