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If you're looking for a calming, spiritual piece of jewelry that will help you focus on your inner strength, look no further than this Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Dainty Necklace.

This delicate necklace features a tiny slice of watermelon tourmaline, which is known to help calm and soothe your emotions. The stone's calming properties make it a great addition to any collection, whether you want to wear it as a conversation piece or use it as an anchor throughout the day.

The necklace's design also makes it perfect for combatting anxiety and depression—if you're ever feeling overwhelmed with sadness or stress, simply focus on the serene feel of this piece and let them carry you through the day.

About watermelon tourmaline: Tourmaline reminds us to love ourselves so that we are able to love another. It carries strong love energy to encourage positivity, making it one of the most beneficial crystals for love. It is also a very protective crystal that is believed to attract friendship and promote sympathy. Tourmaline carries a very strong feminine or yin vibration. These crystals carry a lovely, calming energy that helps to relieve stress and revive your passion for living.


  • 16 inch 14K gold chain
  • Stone size: about 7mm
  • Ready to ship
  • Shipping: Ships through USPS priority mail
  • Comes in gift box

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Note: This listing is for just one necklace; the other photos are just to help show the scale.

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