Join me in Long Beach for the Patchwork Show November 17th

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November 17, 2019 Marine Stadium – Appian Way @ Bayshore – Long Beach, California – 11-5pm I'll have lots of new jewelry and one of kind styles with me and I'd love to see you in person. This event is always fun and a nice way to spend a Sunday. You can see more about the other vendors on the event page.

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October's birthstone - Opal a stone of many colors and varieties.

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This month's birthstone comes in so many different beautiful varieties. A few of the opals I love working with are Australian boulder opal, ethiopian opal, mexican fire opal, pink opal and dendritic opal. Opal has a long history according to Robert Simmons Book of Stones. Opals were mined at least as long ago as the fourteenth century. Mexican Fire Opal was used by the Aztecs and was brought to Europe by the conquistadors. In nineteenth century Europe Opal became less popular because of the association with bad luck. In Roman civilization, Opal was linked with good luck and hope. The belief in France that Opal could render its wearer invisible allowing them to steal without being caught, may have been the beginning the the negative association. An Australian legend says a gigantic Opal governs the stars, human love and the gold within the mines. Current metaphysical thinking gives each type of Opal different energetic properties.

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A story about the Harmonia necklace

Bali crystal necklaces hexagon necklace jewelry with intention new product travel yoga jewelry

The Harmonia necklace is a collaboration between Casey Van Zandt and I. We designed and created this necklace for Casey’s soul vacation retreat in Bali. The necklace combines the strength and balance of the hexagon with the power of clear quartz and labradorite. We hope that every time you wear it you will be reminded to find your work and life balance. To create the life your soul is calling you to live. For the last five years Casey has been teaching, preaching, and creating work-life balance programs to alleviate burnout and balance work and life. You can read more about Casey on her site. 

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Summer reading roundup

book club bookworm my favorite books summer reading what I'm reading

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Sapphire: A stone of great wisdom

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This month's birthstone comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors. It can help you release unwanted thoughts and tension. Wearing this stone can help bring you peace of mind while aligning your physical, mental and spiritual planes. It is a high vibration stone that help restore balance within your energy. It can help encourage truthful expression in all relationships. It is a throat and third eye chakra stone.

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