A beautiful hike in Palm Springs

A beautiful hike in Palm Springs

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a couple of days in Palm Springs and finally had the chance to do a short hike. It's usually too hot when we go but it was cooler so it was the perfect time to check out the Tahquitz Canyon waterfall and trail.

I heard it gets really crowded on the weekends but we went on a Monday so it wasn't crowded at all. The waterfall was beautiful and the views along the trail were absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe this beautiful oasis was in the middle of the desert. If you have the chance to walk this trail I definitely recommend it. It's a short, easy trail so all ages and abilities can go. If you go when it's warm definitely bring a towel and go for a swim in the water. The water felt so clean and fresh.

If you're curious you can read the legend of the shaman Tahquitz on the site and learn more about the Cahuilla people. These canyons are sacred and you can tell when you walk on this land. There is a visitor center when you get there that you can learn more about history if you want to.

There is a charge of $12.50/person to walk this trail so make sure to bring a card or cash with you.



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