See my ring in Instore Magazine

See my ring in Instore Magazine
It's really fun seeing my Aislinn tourmalinated quartz and diamond ring in the print and digital magazine Instore. It's in great company, I never tire of seeing how so many different designers can take the same materials and create something totally different. 
Today I'm taking the time to celebrate 3 big wins. I finished and filed my taxes, I had my best month ever on Etsy, and my ring is featured in a magazine.
Do you ever get so caught up in planning for the future that you forget to celebrate the amazing things happening in the present? I know I definitely can. When I let my brain go to the past and the future all the time I miss so many magical moments happening right now. 
So today I'm giving myself the space to feel some real pride in myself for these three things because some days I'm just proud of myself for getting through the day or even taking a shower.
Yup there have been times over the past year that I have given myself an imaginary high five for finally remembering to take a shower or just brush my hair. 
Is there anything you feel proud of today, big or small drop it in the comments I would love to hear?

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