Sapphire: A stone of great wisdom

Sapphire: A stone of great wisdom

This month's birthstone comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors. It can help you release unwanted thoughts and tension. Wearing this stone can help bring you peace of mind while aligning your physical, mental and spiritual planes. It is a high vibration stone that help restore balance within your energy. It can help encourage truthful expression in all relationships. It is a throat and third eye chakra stone.


Sapphire historically was revered as a stone of royalty. It was believed to keep kings safe from harm and envy. The three crossed lines in the Star Sapphire have been said to represent hope, faith and destiny. 


Each color of sapphire has a different meaning and is also associated with a different chakra. Yellow Sapphire is a stone of abundance and strength of will. Orange Sapphire is is a stone for creativity and sexuality and the second chakra. Pink Sapphire is a stone of love and forgiveness and the heart chakra. 


I get a lot of questions about stones and their meanings. If you would like to learn more on your own my favorite book is The Book of Stones. I also love the Crystal Guru app for a quick and easy reference on my phone.


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