Let's chat about this month's birthstone - sapphire

Let's chat about this month's birthstone - sapphire

As the birthstone for September, Sapphire represents faithfulness and sincerity and has been treasured throughout time. Sparkling and brilliant, this gemstone is as beautiful as it is valuable. 

Wearing sapphire is a powerful way to strengthen your intuition and enhance your creativity. It’s a stone of peace and tranquility that can bring harmony to your troubling thoughts and worries. It also promotes regeneration and healing on all levels - physical, spiritual, and intuitive.

In the language of gemstones, the name sapphire is a little misleading. Many people imagine a light blue stone when they hear the word “sapphire”, but actually most sapphires are a beautiful mix of color, including pink, blue, green, violet, and more. Sapphires have been prized for thousands of years for their beauty and durability. ⁠

With a mohs hardness of 9, Sapphires prove to be as tough as they are beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a gift to surprise a loved one or treat yourself to something special, my Sapphire collection offers a breathtaking range of absolutely stunning pieces. If you would like to have a truly unique piece of jewelry, then be sure to check out our beautiful collection of Sapphire jewelry!


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