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Exploring Tuscon outside of the gem show

Amanda Lockrow

Posted on February 14 2020

hiking in tuscon

This year I was in Tuscon for longer so I got to get out and check out more around the city, which was so much fun.

Last year when I went to Tuscon I really wanted to go for a hike, but just didn't have time. So this year I put it on the list and Christine and went to Pima Canyon the last day after it warmed up from super cold temps earlier in the week. The view of the city was beautiful and the saguaro cacti were absolutely amazing. We were hoping to see some of the desert bighorn sheep on the trail but we didn't have any luck with that this time. This hike was absolutely gorgeous and I would definitely recommend a stop if you visit Tuscon.

Pima canyon trail Tucson Arizona

Pima canyon trail Tucson Arizona

We ate at some great restaurants too while we were there. One night we visited the MSA Annex which was a cool extension of the Mercado District made from repurposed shipping containers. There are 13 locally owned businesses there and we'll definitely be back to explore the next time we visit Tuscon. We had beers from Westbound and Japanese food from Kukai.

Bloom Maven Tucson Arizona

Bloom Maven Tucson Arizona

Bloom Maven Tucson Arizona
Another night we went back to the Mercado District for a fun pop up event. We had dinner at Augustin Kitchen that was all locally sourced and sustainable. We visited my friend's gorgeous flower shop Bloom Maven. Then stopped in Mast where Tarot of 3s was doing readings. Mast had some of the most creative and beautiful jewelry displays any of has had seen. I'm really glad we got out to explore Tuscon outside of the gem shows this year. It really showed me how much this cool city had to offer.

Mast Tucson Arizona

A few more restaurants we enjoyed this trip were Street Taco & Beer Co and El Charro Cafe.

We stayed in a cute little airbnb close to all the shows this year. Thanks to Christine of Chocolate & Steel and Carrie of Original Hardware for the best Tuscon adventure this year. I really enjoyed doing the shows with other jewelry designers and seeing new and old suppliers together. The conversations about life over food and drinks after the long days at the show though were what really fed my soul.

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