A look at Tourmaline and Opal : October's birthstone

A look at Tourmaline and Opal : October's birthstone
This month's birhtstone first made its entry into the commercial world in 1876 when George Kunz sold a green tourmaline gem from Maine to Tiffany & Co. It can be found in many different places and comes in a beautiful array of colors. Tourmalines were found in ancient times in the Mediterranean. A carved piece of Alexander the Great carved in India was dated around the second or third century B.C. It can be found in Brazil, the United Stated, Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Russia. 
watermelon tourmaline ring by Amanda K Lockrow
A little about watermelon tourmaline is a powerful heart chakra stone that is here to help calm and soothe your emotions. It helps you access and unlock the deepest parts of your heart, pushing you to fully cleanse and heal all emotional wounds. Watermelon tourmaline is the perfect stone to help one combat anxiety and depression that may push one into a dark or sad place. This stone offers up light, love, and rejuvenation to help keep ones heart and mind imbued with joy, general happiness, being more adventurous, having increased daily energy, self-love and confidence are all brought out when wearing or carrying watermelon tourmaline.
green tourmaline ring by Amanda K Lockrow
A little about green tourmaline: green tourmaline can help center the energies of the heart chakra. It is a stone of self-healing helping you to look within for the answers. An earth energy crystal, green tourmaline helps to attune to the vibration of animals and plants.⁠ When worn, the energy field of Green Tourmaline can induce a sense of deep calmness, equanimity and a feeling of completeness within. ⁠
watermelon tourmaline necklace by Amanda K Lockrow
boulder opal necklace by Amanda K Lockrow

There are lots of different types of opals like Australian boulder opal, ethiopian opal, mexican fire opal and pink. Opal has a long history. Opals were mined at least as long ago as the fourteenth century. Mexican Fire Opal was used by the Aztecs and was brought to Europe by the conquistadors. In nineteenth century Europe Opal became less popular because of the association with bad luck. In Roman civilization, Opal was linked with good luck and hope. The belief in France that Opal could render its wearer invisible allowing them to steal without being caught, may have been the beginning the the negative association. An Australian legend says a gigantic Opal governs the stars, human love and the gold within the mines. Current metaphysical thinking gives each type of Opal different energetic properties.

watermelon tourmaline necklace by Amanda K Lockrow
tourmaline ring by Amana K Lockrow
pink opal necklace by Amanda K Lockrow
A little about Pink Tourmaline - It is a stone of love and emotional healing. It is a quintessential heart chakra stone. It represents yin energy. It can help in healing old emotional wounds, especially from childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders a feeling of comfort, safety and nurturance. Wearing pink tourmaline can hep release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It brings an influx of joy, positivity and love of all kinds—self love or love of another—into your life. It helps to open your heart chakra to provide emotional balance, strength and support.

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