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Tap into your power with the Thea necklace. Named after Thea, the Greek goddess of light, this necklace will help you feel more confident on your path to self-discovery and adventure.

It features a large clear quartz hexagon pendant that hangs on a labradorite and gold filled or sterling silver 30 inch chain.

The pendant lands right on your solar plexus chakra, which governs self-esteem and willpower. So this necklace is not only beautiful, it also helps you feel confident, in control, and assured of your own personal power!

About this piece: 

The mythological Thea was the Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun, moon and dawn. I chose this name because this necklace feels like it holds so much light. I hope that whoever wears it will be called to feel more confident and powerful on their path.
The clear quartz is a stone for harmonizing, aligning and balancing the chakras. It is considered a master healer that absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.
Labradorite is a stone of self discovery, inner awareness and adventure. It is known as the Shaman's stone. It is a stone of magic. It protects and clears the aura of negative energy. Symbolizes both the moon and sun energies. Provides a sense of self during transition. Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia.
The hexagon shape also holds power for balance, harmony and efficiency.


  • Metal: Sterling silver, or gold filled
  • Pendant size: 27mm-25mm
  • Chain length: 30 inch chain
  • Shipping: Ships through USPS within 3 days of your order
  • Comes in gift box after it has been cleared and charged 

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Note: This listing is for just one necklace; the other photos are just to help show the scale.

If you would like a different accent other than labradorite just ask and I can design a necklace just for you.

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