Elements capricorn zodiac necklace- sterling silver

$ 100.00

These tiny sterling silver zodiac necklaces are the perfect necklace to wear along on your next adventure.

I've been wanting to add zodiacs to the collection for a while, but wanted to offer something a little different than what I've seen already.

These necklaces measure just under 9mm so it is nice a little. The tiny pendant is packed with cool little details though. The front has my cobblestone texture, while the back has a cool lined texture.

Each sign has a stone set to represent Fire, Water, Air, or Earth.
Fire signs have a 2mm Garnet
Water signs have a 2mm Sapphire
Air signs have a 2mm Aquamarine
Earth signs have a 2mm Smokey Topaz

All items ship through USPS in a gift box.

This items is made to order and can take up to a week.

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