Let's chat about this month's birthstone - opal

Let's chat about this month's birthstone - opal

This month’s birthstone is a stone that holds many meanings depending on the color of the Opal from hope, good luck, emotional healing, protection, abundance and more.

Meaning of Opal

Opal’s name is derived from the Latin word opalus and the sanskrit upala, which means precious stone. Its colors can change depending on light, making it dazzling to look at. This beautiful stone is also called a cloudy stone because of its translucent property, which glistens like water droplets in the evening.

Opal has long been popular in jewelry due to its many colors, but it actually declined in popularity in 19th century Europe because it became associated with bad luck but it has since rebounded to its loved status today. It is a mineraloid, which means it is neither a true mineral nor a true crystal. Because of its softness, it is often considered vulnerable to being scratched or otherwise damaged. This just means we should treat our Opal pieces with extra care and look for setting styles that protect the stone a little more.

What Makes Opal So Unique?

Opals are unlike any other gemstone on earth. They can be fiery red, blue, green, white, black and pink. These flashes of color are not on the surface but inside the stone. 

Opals are created by nature with microscopic spheres of silica packed together. When light hits these spheres in Opal, they amplify and diffract light. Depending on how the gem is cut, more or less light will bounce off the spheres giving it a different hue for every new angle.

The incredible rainbow, shifting pattern of Opal's light display can be quite hypnotic. They are still regarded as spiritual stones, believed to bring good luck and serenity to the wearer.

Let’s celebrate the colors and styles of this month’s birthstone together.

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