Thea - Amethyst Stalactite and Rutilated Quartz 30 inch necklace

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This beautiful necklace features a large Amethyst stalactite hexagon pendant that hangs on a 14K gold filled 30 inch chain with little amethyst rondelles like you see in the 4th photo.

The super 7 beads are sold out that you see on the 1st and 3rd photos.

It is meant to hang right around your solar plexus chakra. The third chakra is the center of your self-esteem and will power. The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable.

  • The mythological Thea was the Greek goddess of light and mother of the sun, moon and dawn. I chose this name because this necklace feels like it holds so much light. I hope that whoever wears it will be called to feel more confident and powerful on their path.
  • Amethyst - Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment, it bestows stability, strength, inner peace. It is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities with its calming and peaceful energy. Amethyst provides clarity and enhances conscious perception and understanding.
  • The hexagon shape also hold power for balance, harmony and efficiency.

The pendant measures about 1.5 inches. Every stone I use is different and unique.

This necklace will ship in a gift box after it has been cleared and charged within 3 days of placing your order.

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