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This rare Enhydro quartz ring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with delicate, ethereal beauty. What makes this ring so special is the moving water bubble within the quartz. 

Handcrafted from sterling silver, this solid clear quartz ring combines modern elegance and timeless appeal. It sparkles in the light, shining it back in exquisite splendor. The band of the ring is made to fit comfortably on your finger, and is also great for stacking with other rings to create a set of jewelry you will love.

About Enhydro Quartz: Enhydro Quartz is nature’s little pocket of time. These crystals are extremely rare, transparent quartz with millions of years old water trapped inside of them. As a result, you get all the power of quartz crystals but with the added benefit of storing an abundance of positive energy from the water. They’ve been known to increase positive energy flow and help tap into your subconscious mind for expanded relaxation.


  • Ring Size: 7.5
  • Stone Size: 13mm
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Shipping: Ships through USPS priority mail within 3 days
  • Comes in a gift box in an insulated pouch to help avoid temperature changes that can affect the stone.
  • Ready to ship

Care Instructions: Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat or sunlight to prevent the fluid from evaporating. Do not expose the crystal to freezing temperatures or let it fall from considerable height, or it will crack. It should be treated gently.

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Note: This listing is for just one ring; the other photos are just to help show the scale.

*The stones are all clear in natural light. The white background photos show a little tint on the stone that isn't there but we couldn't get it to go away. The group photos show some of the other rings I have in these stones.