InSync - Amethyst Bar & Lepidolite Pendulum
InSync - Amethyst Bar & Lepidolite Pendulum
Emotion Hygiene

InSync - Amethyst Bar & Lepidolite Pendulum

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More than just jewelry, more than just crystals... it's soothing you can feel.

Each one of these necklaces is truly one of a kind. In this collaboration with Lena George we choose each stone and pair it with the perfect point or pendulum to create a truly unique piece of jewelry that will also become a part of your emotion hygiene practice.

Just as we teach about physical hygiene in the interest of good health, we now need to teach about mental or emotional hygiene too. -The Dalai Lama

About the necklace:                                                                                                      -The chain is sterling silver and the necklace will slip on and off over your head.                                                                                                                             -The amethyst bar measures 2 inches in length. And the lepidolite pendulum is just over 1.5 inches long.

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