About Amanda


Amanda took her first metalsmithing class in 2001 and never looked back...

She grew up on the coast of Maine where she learned to love and appreciate the beauty and power of nature. She was always drawn to her creative side but didn't truly embrace the artist within until college.
Amanda K Lockrow was started after graduating from Syracuse University with her BFA in metalsmithing. Her classes in fibers, sculpture & painting inform her designs to this day. She moved out to Los Angeles and bought some basic tools and started making jewelry in a studio apartment on a make shift bench.

Every piece of jewelry is hand fabricated here in Los Angeles using recycled metal as much as possible. Her attention to detail, craftsmanship, love of beautiful stones and hammered textures help create pieces of jewelry she hopes her customers can wear to complement their bold and beautiful lifestyles.

Amanda K Lockrow is proudly made in Los Angeles, California.