Happy 2019! January's birthstone and new collaboration this month.

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Is your birthday in January? If you were than the beautiful, regal and eye-catching Garnet is your birthstone. This beautiful stone symbolizes faithfulness, constancy, and truth. It is also thought to keep a traveler safe if worn on trips. Garnets can also help prevent nightmares, better yet, if you dream of losing your Garnet necklace like this Garnet sterling silver and gold filled Oriana necklace from my collection, unexpected good fortune might be in your future. Add my Garnet 6mm sterling silver stacking ring and increase your luck.

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My favorite books for 2018

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This is my current stack of books that I want to read. This stack prompted me to want to post about by favorite books from 2018.

For 2018 I set myself a reading challenge through goodreads to read 50 books, and I ended up reading 57. I finally gave in to listening to audiobooks and this really helped me enjoy more books on my to read list than any other recent years. I also finally gave myself permission to not finish a book if I really wasn't in to it. I used to think I should always finish a book, but this year decided that was silly. I have over 200 books on my want to read list and am always adding to it, so what is the point of taking up my valuable reading time with books I don't like.

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The birthstone for December is Turquoise.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn come together in December and Turquoise is their welcome oasis in the spiritual desert.

Used for thousands of years, Turquoise is the spiritual salve to a heart that has been scraped and bruised by emotional pain and stress. Turquoise is known to attract things like money, love, and success. This gemstone that relaxes the mind and helps relieve mental stress is also known to have the powers of courage, friendship, protection, and healing.

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The birthstone for November is Citrine.

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Whether you were born a Scorpio or a Sagittarius, November babies have 2 amazing birthstones to choose from!

Citrine, also known as the Merchants’ Stone, has been known to provide a person with many benefits. Citrine can bring its wearer bliss, confidence and solar power. Merchants favored their Citrine amulets as they believed that it attracted and helped them sustain wealth in their business. Get your own version of a Citrine Amulet with this beautiful Citrine little rock necklace. Or if you'd rather wear your citrine as earrings you can choose these pretty little Citrine pebble sterling silver studs.

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My next event will be at Retreat on October 20th!

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