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Exploring Tuscon outside of the gem show

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This year I was in Tuscon for longer so I got to get out and check out more around the city, which was so much fun.

Last year when I came I really wanted to go for a hike but just didn't have time. So this year I got to go to Pima Canyon. The view of the city was beautiful and the saguaro cacti were absolutely amazing. We were hoping to see some of the Bighorn sheep on the trail but we didn't have any luck with that this time.

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A weekend trip to Cambria.

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This past weekend we drove up the coast to Cambria for the Art and Wine Festival. Since it was such a beautiful day on Friday we headed up early and stopped at the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach. I'm always impressed by the state parks when we drive up the coast, they had great docents there to give tours and answer questions for visitors. The monarch population is devastatingly down on the west coast so if you get the chance to visit this park you should definitely do it soon. Hopefully with conservation efforts they can bring the population back up like they were able to do with the sea otters.

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A story about the Harmonia necklace

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The Harmonia necklace is a collaboration between Casey Van Zandt and I. We designed and created this necklace for Casey’s soul vacation retreat in Bali. The necklace combines the strength and balance of the hexagon with the power of clear quartz and labradorite. We hope that every time you wear it you will be reminded to find your work and life balance. To create the life your soul is calling you to live. For the last five years Casey has been teaching, preaching, and creating work-life balance programs to alleviate burnout and balance work and life. You can read more about Casey on her site. 

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