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Jewelry to brighten your day

crystal necklaces gifts for her jewelry with intention new product shop update

I've been adding some new pieces of jewelry to my shop. I found all of these stones on my February trip to Tuscon.

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Taking a look at a few of the current favorites.

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These styles were all added just before the holidays and were some of our most popular styles. The felicity earrings are now available in sterling silver or 18K vermeil. The elements hoops are shown here with herkimer diamonds and are also available in lots of other stones. Lastly the sunrise studs with stones are a little larger than some of our staple studs, so they make a little statement on your ears while still being easy to wear.

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There is lots of new jewelry up in the shop!

gifts for her handcrafted jewelry New jewelry new product

I've been busy in the studio getting ready for the upcoming holiday shows and updated the shop with lots of new designs. If you want to see more just click through to the new arrivals section. I always have a great selection of stones, so if you would like to get something made please send me a message.

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A story about the Harmonia necklace

Bali crystal necklaces hexagon necklace jewelry with intention new product travel yoga jewelry

The Harmonia necklace is a collaboration between Casey Van Zandt and I. We designed and created this necklace for Casey’s soul vacation retreat in Bali. The necklace combines the strength and balance of the hexagon with the power of clear quartz and labradorite. We hope that every time you wear it you will be reminded to find your work and life balance. To create the life your soul is calling you to live. For the last five years Casey has been teaching, preaching, and creating work-life balance programs to alleviate burnout and balance work and life. You can read more about Casey on her site. 

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Happy 2019! January's birthstone and new collaboration this month.

birthstone jewelry crystal necklaces jewelry with intention monthly news new product store news

Is your birthday in January? If you were than the beautiful, regal and eye-catching Garnet is your birthstone. This beautiful stone symbolizes faithfulness, constancy, and truth. It is also thought to keep a traveler safe if worn on trips. Garnets can also help prevent nightmares, better yet, if you dream of losing your Garnet necklace like this Garnet sterling silver and gold filled Oriana necklace from my collection, unexpected good fortune might be in your future. Add my Garnet 6mm sterling silver stacking ring and increase your luck.

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