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A little love for this month's birthstone

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emerald stones for custom projects


Emerald comes from the Greek word smargos, meaning green stone, but the oldest known mine is Egyptian and dates back to 3000 BCE. It was traditionally bound to the left arm to protect travelers.

Emerald is a stone for love, luck and prosperity. It helps us cultivate the courage it takes to love and be loved. You can wear it as a reminder to stay open and get comfortable with your vulnerability. It is a stone of abundance helping you draw in abundance in all forms. This stone can help connect you to Divine Love, compassion and gratitude. It is a heart chakra stone and known as the "Stone of Successful Love".

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This month's birthstone is Diamond: a symbol of great strength

birthstone birthstone jewelry gifts for her handcrafted jewelry handmade gifts jewelry with intention

14k yellow gold diamond oriana necklace
This month’s birthstone is the strongest crystal out there made by the magic of mother earth. For so many years I dismissed diamonds and thought they were overrated in their appeal. Then I found rosecut diamonds. I fell in love and got curious about how they are created and their meaning. Now I like to wear a tiny diamond as a reminder of strength.⠀

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Four more lists of my some of my favorites

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meditation studios and teachers I love
I feel so lucky to have been introduced to meditation through Buddhism as a young teenager. My meditation practice is helping me so much right now. I've shared my favorite meditation teachers with lots of friends and family over the years. So I thought now would be a good time to make a list. There are lots of apps already out there, I always recommend Insight Timer and the Unplug app but I've heard Headspace is great too. All of the teachers on the list have great resources on their sites. Many are going live on facebook, instagram and zoom offering free content as well as paid. I will save all of these in a highlight on instagram too so you can follow the tags easily. I would love to hear if you have any favorite meditations or teachers to share.

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A little about Aquamarine: this month's birthstone

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aquamarine crystal
In ancient lore Aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids, and it was used as a talisman to bring good luck, fearlessness and protection to sailors. It was also valued as a stone of eternal youth and happiness. It is a water element stone which gives it a calming energy. It is a throat and heart chakra stone that can help with clear communication of your highest truth.

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Taking a look at a few of the current favorites.

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These styles were all added just before the holidays and were some of our most popular styles. The felicity earrings are now available in sterling silver or 18K vermeil. The elements hoops are shown here with herkimer diamonds and are also available in lots of other stones. Lastly the sunrise studs with stones are a little larger than some of our staple studs, so they make a little statement on your ears while still being easy to wear.

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