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It's Giveaway time!! Nominate your favorite health care workers to win a Little Rock necklace.

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healthcare worker appreciation giveaway
This giveaway is CLOSED. The winner has been announced on Instagram.
I'm going to host a different giveaway every Friday for the next few weeks as a little way to spread some love and appreciation to all the helpers.
The first giveaway is for any healthcare workers. There are no fancy rules for the giveaway just nominate someone you know to show them how much we all appreciate their superhero skills. If you're on instagram just pop over and nominate them there, leave them a compliment and they'll be entered to win. If you don't use instagram just send me an email or comment on this post.
Times are hard for so many of us, but this is a small way that I can put some love and kindness out in to the world.

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Jewelry to brighten your day

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I've been adding some new pieces of jewelry to my shop. I found all of these stones on my February trip to Tuscon.

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Crystals and Stones: A recap of my Tuscon trip and some new designs

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crystal necklaces by Amanda K Lockorw
My annual trip to Tuscon was so much fun. I always come back with so many new ideas and feel totally inspired. These were a few of the new stones I found for my Little Rock Necklaces. These aren't up on the website yet but I wanted to share them with you anyway.
crystals at the tuscon gem show

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The history and meaning of this month's birthstone - Amethyst

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amethyst dainty bracelet

Beautiful purple amethysts have been prized since the time of the ancient Greeks. Because of their grape-like color, the Greeks associated these gems with the wine god, Bacchus. They believed that wearing an amethyst could protect you from drunkenness—in fact the word amethystos meant “not drunk” in ancient Greek. According to gemstone lore, amethyst jewelry keeps its wearer clear-headed and clever. Artist Leonardo da Vinci wrote that amethysts enhance intelligence and protect against evil thoughts.

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Gifts of Love

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