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November's birthstone is citrine and topaz.

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Citrine is a stone that can work with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. It is mined in Brazil. It is a great stone for creativity and abundance. It can help boost your confidence and personal power. Like amethyst it does not hold and accumulate energy like most crystals it will dissipate and transmute it. It can also help you laugh and enjoy your life. Citrine is a stone that I always carry with me and I love to use it in abundance and creativity meditations and rituals.

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The birthstone for November is Citrine.

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Whether you were born a Scorpio or a Sagittarius, November babies have 2 amazing birthstones to choose from!

Citrine, also known as the Merchantsā€™ Stone, has been known to provide a person with many benefits. Citrine can bring its wearer bliss, confidence and solar power. Merchants favored their Citrine amulets as they believed that it attracted and helped them sustain wealth in their business. Get your own version of a Citrine Amulet with this beautiful Citrine little rock necklace. Or if you'd rather wear your citrine as earrings you can choose these pretty littleĀ Citrine pebble sterling silver studs.

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