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This month's birthstone is Aquamarine

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Tusk shell necklace with raw aquamarine

Aquamarine is one of my favorite stones to work with, both in its rough and polished form - the natural water-hued blues are just so beautiful. Even if it isn't your birthstone, you might find yourself drawn in.

This stone holds ocean energy that can help cool and soothe emotions and tempers. It can also help to stimulate the flow of energy and communication from the heart to the throat, which helps you communicate your truth. Such a stone can help you to release old emotional baggage, ego roles, and bad habits. I love wearing this stone just to feel the ocean's soothing energy.

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This month's birthstone is Amethyst

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Happy 2019! January's birthstone and new collaboration this month.

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Is your birthday in January? If you were than the beautiful, regal and eye-catching Garnet is your birthstone. This beautiful stone symbolizes faithfulness, constancy, and truth. It is also thought to keep a traveler safe if worn on trips. Garnets can also help prevent nightmares, better yet, if you dream of losing your Garnet necklace like this Garnet sterling silver and gold filled Oriana necklace from my collection, unexpected good fortune might be in your future. Add my Garnet 6mm sterling silver stacking ring and increase your luck.

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The birthstone for December is Turquoise.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn come together in December and Turquoise is their welcome oasis in the spiritual desert.

Used for thousands of years, Turquoise is the spiritual salve to a heart that has been scraped and bruised by emotional pain and stress. Turquoise is known to attract things like money, love, and success. This gemstone that relaxes the mind and helps relieve mental stress is also known to have the powers of courage, friendship, protection, and healing.

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Sapphire, emotion hygiene and a new jewelry collection launch this month

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Sapphire, the birthstone for September, is one of my favorite stones to work with because of its vastly different color varieties. Along with the more traditional blue color, sapphire can also come in a rainbow of other options. The pieces above are just a few of the options I have for a September birthday gift. You can see all the options on my website.

Did you know? Sapphire is a throat chakra stone, and is also known as the wisdom stone.

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